How to Reset Roblox Forgot Password

Not able to remember your Roblox password? Need not worry! Roblox has provided simply to follow methods to reset your forgotten password.

Earlier Roblox had provided the privilege to access the Roblox account using your Facebook authorization but this facility has been suspended since November 2021. The information regarding the same suspension was issued to users to create a password on their Roblox account. If this is the issue faced by you then please contact customer support to resolve the matter.

Otherwise, follow the steps below to the common problem of resetting Roblox’s forgotten password.

Reset Roblox’s password using the phone number

On the official page of Roblox, two selecting tabs are given. The first is to reset your forgotten password and the one is a forgotten username.

  • As you are looking for the forgotten password, so click on the tab provided for forgotten password

  • After clicking the password tab, under it, you will be asked to fill in your details

  • Select the ‘country’

  • Enter your phone number

  • And then click on ‘submit’

  • Click on ‘verify’

  • ‘6 digit code’ will be sent on the same phone number

  • ‘Enter the code in the provided field for code.

  • Click on ‘verify’

  • Now it will prompt you to ‘Enter a new password, ‘Confirm’ and click on ‘submit’

  • Voila!  your new password for Roblox’s account has been set up.


Reset Roblox’s password using your email

  • Go to the official page of the login

  • Click on the ‘use email to reset password’

  • Enter the email address which you are using on Roblox’s account in the provided field

  • Click on ‘submit’

  • Click on email sent to your email address then click on ‘reset password’

  • It will take you to a new page where it will prompt you to enter a new password

  • ‘Enter the new password, confirm it, and click submit.

Please note if you hold more than one account on Roblox then you need to select the account you want to reset the password to.