How to Recover Facebook Account without Phone Number or Email 2022

Recover Facebook account: Check out the possible ways


The mainly trending and used social media is Facebook today. It is used to share your thoughts, videos, stories, etc with your friends universally. For operating your Facebook account, you need to remember your login user id or password’ It is commonly seen that we are facing problems regarding social networking login sites as we are forgetting our user’s name or password. If you have missed your Facebook password or username, you need to reset it immediately. Sometimes we also forget our email id which we used as a username. Don’t worry there are numerous ways to solve this problem. This write up will explain to you how to recover a Facebook account and the steps are discussed below:

To recover an old account:

Firstly, you can go to the profile which you want to recover then you need to click on the cover photo which is below. After that, you can select report profile or find support and select Something Else then select Next. Now you can click Recover this account see the steps and do it as per instruction. If you still can’t access your account you can go for further Facebook account recovery methods.

Recover Facebook account without phone number

Go to the Facebook website and click on the Forgot account tab then you get an email or number for the recovery option. Now you can select on no longer have access to these. Now you can get the available option to give a friend number and you can give a friend’s number for continuing. Now you can get the option for getting trusted contact then you can put your friend’s name. Lastly, your friend will get the code and you can enter that code on your recovery page. Now your password reset page will be seen after getting the code. Now, you can create a new password for your account. By the above process, you can able to recover a Facebook account without a phone number.

Recover Facebook account without email

Firstly, you can go to the login page of Facebook. After that click on “Forgotten Account ” then you can get a new page for password recovery also you can get forget password login page if you remember your email or username. Now, you can receive a text message on your registered phone number. You will also get a password reset code for use. Now you can search your account by entering your phone number in the data field and clicking on the search bottom. Now you can choose the option where you want to receive the password code. After you can click on continue. Now type the new password in the box which you need to do two times. This is the way you can get recover a Facebook account without an email.

From this article hope, you get enough idea regarding the recovery of Facebook id and you have gained knowledge on how to reset the Facebook password without a phone number and email id. If you forgot your Facebook email and password, you can easily recover them. Also, you can also delete your Facebook account through your new password reset with the above-mentioned steps.