How to Change Linktree Username

How to Change Linktree Username

How to change linktree username

Just like other social media platforms, Linktree is also a free social media landing page having headquarters in Melbourne, Sydney Australia. It does not allow other media to link with multiple social sites and keep your data secure and safe at all levels. Link tree is having approx. 16 million active users to date because of advanced interface and high definition of app quality.

It is very easy and convenient to change the username of the Linktree, all you should know is accurate and the exact steps to do so, kindly follow the steps mentioned below if you wish to change the username of the Link tree.

  1. For changing the username you have to Log in to your Linktree Admin.
  2. Then Select the ‘Appearance’ button at the top of the admin page.
  3. In the settings at the ‘Profile’ section, you will see the option to create a ‘Profile Title’ or change the username for your Linktree page
  4. Mention and type the new name which you want to use as a Username
  5. Last but not least save all the changes you have made

Being a free premium service, it offers more benefits to the customers like more customization options, more detailed analytics, email sign-up integration, removal of the Linktree logo, and many more. At any point if you are facing any issues with change linktree username get connected with the most advanced and highly skilled professionals who are available 365 day and night at your service in order to offer you swift, reliable, and authentic support of the time without any delay.