How to Change or Reset Venmo Account Password

Venmo is a virtual wallet of PayPal that is developed in a very sophisticated way. It is hard to be in trouble while using this virtual wallet as it is securely developed by PayPal’s owner. Therefore, it is a trusted application to lend your money to family, relatives, and friends. Still, there are certain troubles while we use Venmo wallet including that you can lose your credentials or you can forget them. That is the time you will need to reset them and follow a certain process to do it. Anyone can go through this possible situation and for it, you should be ready with the knowledge of the methods. 

Reset or Change Venmo Password

Have you forgotten the password of this wallet’s account? Is it getting complicated because you do not know the process to change the password of this wallet’s account? If you have some amount in this wallet with high and sophisticated encryption and you want to use it to split bills for lunch with your friends, then just at the end minute you understood that you lost your password, that is a huge trouble. It gives you an embarrassing feeling and not knowing how to change the password can get you in a clutch situation, that can make you hit the panic button. Here in this part, we will discuss how to reset Venmo account password. Follow the below steps:

  1. First, visit the main page by going to 
  2. Now, from there next, navigate to the account section. 
  3. The URL of the account section of the Venmo website is if you are looking to go via URL. 
  4. After that, from there navigate to the password reset section. 
  5. Here for confirmation, the URL of this page of the website of this wallet is
  6. If you are looking to go directly here via the URL.
  7. Then you can enter your phone number or the email with which you had opened an account in the website of this wallet. 
  8. In your email or contact number, you will get a link that will lead you to change your password.
  9. After this, you have to do nothing but just create a password abiding by the rules of this account, and you are ready to use it again.

These are the steps, which can be used very easily to execute, to reset the password of the Venmo account. Hopefully, all the above information helps you with how to change the Venmo account password. For more information, you can comment below.