How to Change or Reset Outlook Password

How to Change or Reset Outlook Password

Change Outlook Account Password

Customers always change their email passwords not frequently but once in a while in order to maintain security as no long term changes in the password may lead to the threat of insecurity, So at any point, if you are looking to change your Outlook Password, you have to quickly follow some easy and reliable steps mentioned below:-

  • Then log into your account.
  • After that, you need to click on the icon in the right corner of the screen.
  • Now click on My Account followed by a click on Security.
  • Then click Password Security.
  • Then change your password, enter the strong password, which consists of the numeric and special alphabet.
  • Save the changes you made and your Outlook password is now changed.

However, Outlook is the best emailing platform but sometimes account holders may be stuck in accessing it flawlessly. The most common frustrating and annoying condition is that when you forget your Outlook account password and are unable to retrieve it. You can not access the services and Outlook products without accessing its account. Additionally, most of the social media platforms are accessed using an Outlook account. You will lose access to those accounts as well if you don’t remember your Outlook account and password.

As an Outlook account holder, you don’t need to be panic. There are several methods proposed by the company to reset Outlook account passwords. Using these methods Outlook distinguishes your identity. This can be done using your registered mobile number, alternate email address, and answering security questions.

Reset Outlook Account Password

There may be chances that you don’t remember Outlook’s email address or user name and knowing the password. Don’t worry! Again it is possible to regain access to your Outlook account either using a secondary email address registered phone number. Follow the steps to perform the task:

  1. Browse the
  2. Enter Outlook Account Name or Username in the respective field and click the Next option.
  3. Choose the way that helps Outlook to distinguish your identities such as mobile number or email address
  4. If the information entered has been correct, you will be shown the username associated with the information entered.
  5. Click the Login option and try to get it done with available data

After following the above-discussed steps, you can successfully reset your Outlook account password.

Recover Outlook Account password

Not remembering your account password is the most common cause of losing access to your Outlook. You may lose access to many services that you have registered using an Outlook account if you have forgotten it. Don’t worry! You may regain access to your account using your registered email address and mobile number.

  1. Browse the in your browser
  2. Click Sign In option, this will redirect you to a new page.
  3. Enter your Outlook Email Address and click the Next option.
  4. Choose the method that Outlook will use to distinguish your identity. There are options to choose the phone number and email address that you have entered at the time of Outlook account creation. If you enter a mobile number, Outlook will send a code via text message or via call. If you choose an email address, Outlook will send an account recovery code to reset your Outlook account password.
  5. Enter the received code and click the Next option.
  6. When you enter the correct code, it will redirect you to a new page that allows you to reset your account password.
  7. Enter a new password and repeat it again to confirm and click the Next option.

WOW! Your password is successfully updated.  Enjoy your account once again.