How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number And Alternate Email

How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number And Alternate Email

Forget the yahoo password and tried several times to recover the same since last morning and have not succeeded. It is a very annoying situation for those who expect an urgent email but, unable to remember the password. Most of us face the same situation at least once in a lifetime. If you also face the same issue, no need to be scared at all. You are at the right place. Now, you can easily recover your yahoo account with some easy steps. Yes, my year friend, you can easily recover your account through recovery email or recovery phone number or using through security questions that are associated with your account. Here, will elaborate on the troubleshooting procedures in detail. So, go through this write-up thoroughly without skipping any point to recover the Yahoo Mail Account process. You can recover your account via the following methods:

  • Through recovery email
  • Through recovery phone number.
  • Through security question.
  • Through date-of-birth
  • Through customer care executive

Recover Yahoo mail through recovery Email 

  1. First of all, need to open your preferred browser which is compatible with yahoo, and then visit the yahoo log-in page.
  2. After that, you need to click on the sign-in tab and then the browser will be redirected to the next page where you need to put the username which is associated with your yahoo account and click the tap ‘next’.
  3. Then, the browser will be redirected to the next page where the user needs to click on the tap ‘I forget my password’ option and then click the tap ‘next’.
  4. Now, on the next page, the service provider will put in front of one’s recovery email, click on tap the “Yes”, then the company will send an account key to that recovery account.
  5. Thereafter, open the recovery account and find the email which is supposed to send by yahoo. if not find search the mail to the Spam folder. Sometimes, the emails are received in the Spam folder instead of Inbox.
  6. Now, enter the account key from the email. After entering the account key, the account will open where you can reset the last used password and use the account hassle-free.

Through recovery phone number

  1. First of all, open a browser and visit the yahoo mail sign-in home page then enter the email address/User ID and click the tab “forget password”.
  2. The service provider will redirect to the next page, where it will show some options to sign in via “google account” or via email or text message.
  3. Here you need to choose the option text, then need to enter the recovery mobile number followed by clicking the submit option to receive the code.
  4. Now, go to the Messages app on your recovery Phone to retrieve your verification code, if not received the OTP through massage, wait for Yahoo to call you instead if you chose the “Call me” option.
  5. In this step, you need to submit the OTP that you get from Yahoo! and click on the option ‘Next’. Thus, recover your yahoo account.
  6. After that, reset the password with a strong password which is very important to protect from any third person accessing your account.

Through security Question

  1. Go to yahoo’s sign-in page and enter the user ID that belongs to yahoo and hit the tab ‘forget password’
  2. On the next step, choose the option use my secret question and click on the option ‘next’
  3. Then, the service provider will ask you to enter the on-screen CAPTCHA. After entering the correct CAPTCHA, you can go for the next step.
  4. In this step, the company officials may ask some questions which were selected by you at the time of account creation.
  5. After entering the answers press the key enter. If the answers are correct, you will get the option to reset your yahoo password.
  6. Now, create a new and strong password with a combination of alphabets, numbers, and a special character.

Recover through date-of-Birth

  1. Visit the yahoo official address and click on the sign-in tab
  2. On the next step, enter the user’s name and click on the tab ‘forget password’.
  3. After that, select the option to recover your account through date-of-birth.
  4. Next, the company will ask the date of birth associated with this account.
  5. Now enter the date of birth and you can able to recover your account.

Add-on to this, you can recover your yahoo account via the customer care executive of the company. You can contact the customer care number and seek help with Yahoo account recovery. The customer care executives are available 24×7 to help their customers. Yahoo deployed high skilled customer care executives who are capable to resolve their customer’s issues with a short span of time. Hopefully, the above-described methods help you and also provide you with all the answers you are looking for in the process of Yahoo Account Recovery.