How to Reset Google Authenticator

How to Restore or Reset Google Authenticator

How to Reset Google Authenticator

It is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm which is highly used by users for authenticating users of software applications

There are many times where you lost all your codes and are unable to reset the Google authenticator account, such cases can put you in trouble and you may not get the solution instantly, but here mentioned are some of the easy and quick steps which the help of which you can easily reset the Google Authenticator without any trouble:-

  1. First of all, open the Google authenticator and for this, you will need the backup code for your Google Authenticator account.
  2. Now click on begin
  3. Now if you have the code you were given from your previous Google Authenticator session, you should be able to enter that and continue.
  4. Afterward, enter your account and name.
  5. After the successful addition of an account, go back to the main Google Authenticator screen to send and receive codes for compatible apps and services, like Gmail.

Above is the method to reset the Google Authenticator using the manually entering of code in the application, you can also use other different methods like Gmail on a desktop to reset the Google authenticator effectively and immediately

Reset Google authenticator using Gmail on a desktop

  1. For using the Gmail method, you have to Download Google Authenticator on your mobile phone or tablet, if not having and if already having Google Authenticator you can skip this step
  2. Now you have to open a browser on your computer that doesn’t automatically login to your Gmail, you can also use Mozilla Firefox as another browser
  3. Now, at the Gmail enter your email address and password, which will further redirect you to the 2-Step Verification to proceed
  4. Now click on More options
  5. You can now see the Google Authenticator, under the text field where you’d enter the code
  6. Now you have to enter one of 8 digit backup codes in that option
  7. Enter the 8 digit backup code, and the code you were given from Google Authenticator when you first set up your account.
  8. Now Click to open the latest email from Google that says “New sign-in using a backup code
  9. Click the link in the email to update your 2-step verification settings and login if prompted
  10. Now from the Google Authenticator app, click on change phone
  11. Now click on select either Android or iPhone which you use as a phone and you can see now that your desktop should display a scannable image.
  12. Now open Google Authenticator on your phone whose app icon looks like a grey “G” on a black background
  13. Click on begin
  14. Now scan the bar code, and if you are unable to scan the barcode, click Can’t scan it on your computer and tap Enter a provided key on the app instead.
  15. And now click next to your computer
  16. Now you have to enter the code displayed on your phone into the text field on your computer.
  17. At the lower right corner of the verification box, click on verify
  18. Click on done, as the Google Authenticator on your phone matches the code on your computer and you can now easily able to rest the Google authenticator in your phone.

Above are some of the easiest steps which users can use to rest the Google authenticator on their devices and at any point of faces any issues then post your query at the google help forum.