How to Change or Reset Your Gmail Password

Change or Reset Your Gmail (Google Account) Password

This post will explain to you, How to Reset your Google Account Password? Well, don’t think so much that doing this task is so difficult. Therefore, it is a good practice to change or reset the Google account password timely in order to make your account password stronger and more protected from hackers and account compromise. Also, your Google account credentials are giving you authority to access all Google services. So, it is very important to reset or change the password timely.

However, there may be several reasons why you need to reset your password, from a potential security breach to keeping your account private. As well, on the other point of view, doing Change Google Account Password is also necessary, because it is probable that someone may be accessing your account and seeing all your crucial information. So, you might face any kind of trouble or issue in accessing your account & its service. Consequently, the process for resetting or changing the password is quite easy, which is also defined below. Then you can follow these steps to quickly change your account password.

How to Change Google Account Password?

Follow the step-by-step guides for changing your Google password.

  • For Reset Google Account Password, first of all, visit the official Google Account sign-in page, using any web browser on your computer.
  • Then, sign into your Google Account, by entering your account email address and current password.
  • Now, go and click on the “Security” section situated on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Then, underneath “Signing into Google”, you will view a label that says “Password” with details on the last time you changed your password.
  • After that click on the “Password” option, and then you will be forwarded to a new page.
  • Then a new window will seem, where you will need to enter your existing password.
  • Now, enter your current account password into the required text field. Then you will be forward to a new screen.
  • After that type, a new password, and then again enter the confirmed new password in the particular text box.
  • To end, click on the “Change Password” button to Change Google Account Password.
  • Now you are done.

In this manner, you can successfully change your Google account password within a few minutes, and can now login into your account using a new password.

Note: Ensure you may be prompt to enter the verification code if you have set up a 2-step verification code to make your Google account secure. Then after verifying your -step verification, you will be able to reset your password.

However, keep in mind one thing is that doing change or Reset Google Account Password also implies you will possibly require to change it in other Google services too. Then you will learn or memorize a new password if you are prompted to enter it in accessing the Gmail account, or any other devices where you are logged in to your Google account.

Gmail or Google Account Password Reset

If you are thinking about your Google account security and don’t know what to do now? Then you should not worry about it. You can change your account password for security reasons, or you can reset your Gmail account password if you forget the password and have trouble logging into your Google account. Therefore, it is a good practice to time change or reset the Google password, which is very helpful to make your account more secure from hackers.

Thus, you just need to follow the below given simple steps to resetting the Google password

Steps to Reset Gmail or Google Account Password:

  1. Firstly, open the official Google account login page. Next, sign in to your account.
  2. Enter your login credentials such as Gmail email address and current password.
  3. Now, go and click on the settings icon that is situated top right side of the page.
  4. After that click on the “See all settings” option, and then you will be forwarded to the setting menu page.
  5. Then go to the Account & Import section from the menus.
  6. Go to the “Change account settings” section. Then tap on the “Change password” option.
  7. Then you will need to signing into your Google account again.
  8. Enter your current account password. Tap on the Next button
  9. When a new window will appear, type a new password, and re-enter the password in the particular text box.
  10. Finally, click on the “Confirm Password” button.

That’s it.

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In this way, you can successfully reset your Google or Gmail account password within a few minutes.

How to recover a Gmail or Google account

Google account plays a very essential role but sometimes, users have forgotten their Google account password and then, they trouble so if you are one of them and you have missed or forgotten your Google account password then, you can recover Google account using an alternative phone number, email address, or security questions. So, just follow the below-presented steps and learn all the methods of Google or Gmail account recovery.

Steps to recover Google account using the alternate email address:

  1. First of all, visit the Google Account Recovery’ page with help of any web browser.
  2. Then, enter the email address or ‘Mobile Number’ in the text box and hit on the ‘Next button.
  3. Don’t write the incorrect password and just select the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  4. Google will send the verification code on ‘Alternative Email Address’.
  5. Just check the email and write the ‘Verification Code’ in the box & hit the ‘Next button.
  6. Finally, write a ‘New Password’ & confirm it on another box.
  7. Now you are done!

Moreover, users can Recover Google Account using an alternative email address but sometimes, users don’t know about the recovery or alternative email address so don’t worry, because users can also recover their Google account via phone number. Just learn the below presented entire steps.

Steps to recover Google account using alternative Mobile number:

  1. Firstly, go to the Gmail account recovery page via any web browser.
  2. Then, enter the ‘Email or Mobile Number’ & click on the ‘Next button.
  3. Again, select the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  4. After then, click on the ‘Try another method’ & Get the verification code on the mobile number.
  5. Check the ‘SMS’ of the mobile phone and write the ‘Verification Code’.
  6. Press the again ‘Next’ button and set a ‘New Password’.
  7. That’s all.

Therefore, on the duration of the password creation, just make a strong password and there must be the presence of the upper & lower case, integer, character & numeric. In a situation, if you don’t know about the alternative mobile number & email address then, users can recover their Google account with help of date of birth so just learn the below-mentioned method in short steps.

Steps to recover Google account via the date of birth

  1. Initially, open the official Gmail or Google Account Recovery Page from your desired browser.
  2. Then, enter the Email Address associated with the Google account & then, tap on the ‘Next’.
  3. Enter the last remember the password of your Google account or select on the ‘Try another way.
  4. After then, click on another recovery method which is the date of birth.
  5. Next, you will have to mention the correct date of birth and again hit on the ‘Next’.
  6. Then you will be allowed to make a new password, and enter the confirmed password.
  7. Finally, go back to your Google account and enter a new password & email.