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How to Reset Password by

Microsoft or Microcomputer software consists of services that you can never overcome. Our day-to-day activity depends upon Microsoft only whether it’s related to renewals, licenses, new generation systems, software, videogames, and many more. Microsoft provides all the essential services related to the Software like Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, MS-DOS, Minecraft, and many other programs which are user-friendly and available at a very low-cost range. to Reset Outlook Live Password

Our day-to-day works are only possible because of the services provided by Microsoft as from writing the document to saving to sending all done by the services provided by Microsoft, So What if it stops working? Below are the steps you should keep in mind while resetting Microsoft Password?


  1. To reset the Microsoft Password, visit
  2. And Select Forget Password.
  3. Enter the last password you remember.
  4. After that, you will get the window to verify your identity, as this is very much necessary to avoid spam.
  5. Enter your verification details, the code will send in your registered mobile number through which you have created the Microsoft account.
  6. Last but not least enter the code and reset the password by entering the new one.


By following some of the easiest steps mentioned above you can easily reset your password any time without any hustle. – To Recover Micorosft Live Mail Password

If you are the one who has forgotten the Microsoft account password then this article is just for you!

  • To get started, visit your web browser
  • Then go to the sign-in page and enter your email address associated with your Microsoft account

(Note: If you don’t remember your email ID then you can also enter your Skype ID linked to your Microsoft account. In case, you don’t have access to any of them, then click on Sign-in options and choose Sign-in with Github. But for this, your Github account must be linked to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Github account, then click on Forgot username and recover the username by entering your phone number or alternate email ID)

  • Now, you are required to enter the password but that’s what we have forgotten.

So, let’s have a look at several password recovery methods below:

Password recovery via the phone number

For this, click on Forgot password link on the sign-in page and select verification through phone number. You just have to enter the verification code sent on this phone number via text message (SMS rates may apply) and then you can easily reset your Microsoft password.

Password recovery through alternate email ID

Under this, a password reset link will be sent to your alternate email address which can be a Gmail ID, Yahoo Id or Apple ID that you provided at the time account set up. Make sure that you still have access to your alternate email ID. If you don’t have an alternate email Id then create a new one with Microsoft. This email will be used for communication during your password recovery process. Now open the password reset link sent to an alternate email, confirm your verification and create a new password and sign in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft account recovery form

When none of the above methods works, then recover your Microsoft account password by filling the account recovery form which is available at Through this form, Microsoft will verify you by asking several questions like your Skype details, Hotmail account credentials, previous passwords, etc. Enter whatever passwords you remember even if it is incorrect and answer as many verification credentials as you can. This may take a little time but once your account recovery request is accepted, password recovery will be done quickly. Now, submit the recovery form and you will get the sign-in instructions on the provided email address within 24 hours of placing the request.

Note: If there is an error loading this form on your web browser, then try to open it in a private window.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to recover a Microsoft account password without a phone number or alternate email address?

To recover your Microsoft account without a phone number or email address, fill the  Microsoft account recovery form.

What to do if a Microsoft account recovery request is not granted?

If your password reset is not granted then try to fill the account recovery form again. You can fill the form twice a day or contact the Microsoft support team.