How to factory reset iPad without apple id and password

Well, there are 4 ways we can deal with this problem if this happens to you. There can be many reasons one might want to reset an iPad and by chance lacks its id and password. Go through the directions illustrated, it will surely help! In this case, A speak soft iOS Unlocked can be a savior. We have to use this software to reset the iPad without an id. First, connect your iPad to your PC or Laptop and free download this unlocker software. Then select ‘Remove Apple ID’ mode. Now connect your PC to the iPad and remember to click Trust on your iPad so that it trusts the computer. The start button should be hit, as the next step, to begin with wiping out the Apple ID and iCloud account linked with the device. Hence, IOS Unlocker will omit your Apple ID, and you are done with the factory reset iPad.


Factory Reset iPad and Bypass Apple ID Login:

iOS System Recovery is your savior here. First, connect your PC to your iPad and free download iOS System Recovery on your PC. Download either Windows or Mac version, whichever you require. Now, run iOS System Recovery, and with a USB cable, link your iPad to the computer. Now, tap on “iOS System Recovery”. The next step is to click the ‘Start’ button in the pop-up window that appears just after the previous step. Then, select “Advanced Mode” in the dialogue box and “Confirm” to heed the instructions that appear on-screen to put the iPad into DFU or recovery mode. Finally, after getting the iPad into the Recovery Mode, adjust the iPhone settings, class, model, type, and iOS version. To start downloading the firmware, click “Repair” and it will factory reset the iPad without id.


Factory Reset iPad without password, with the help of iTunes:

For following this procedure, update your iTunes to the latest version and then attach the iPhone to the computer with the help of a USB cable. The iPhone will be immediately recognized by iTunes and will make you wait for a while till you notice your iPad icon in the top left corner of your desktop screen. Press and hold the home and sleep button and you will get to see the recovery screen which means that your device has been in DFU mode. Tap “OK” to confirm. The next step is to choose “summary” and “restore iPad” in iTunes. As soon as you are notified that iTunes will factory reset the default settings of your iPad, click “Restore”. Through this process, you can able to factory reset the iPad without a password.


Reset iPad by Resetting Apple ID Password:

Through your browser, go to and type your Apple ID account in the Apple ID bar. Click the ” My Password ” option, then click “Next” to move to the next page. 2 questions will pop up on your screen — “Answer Security Questions” and “Get an Email”. Now it’s your choice, either you can reset the Apple ID password through security questions or the link to reset the password in your recovery email.