How to change phone number

Is your registered phone number no longer working? Then don’t worry. You can change your phone number by going into your Samsung app account settings. The process is very simple just following the below-given steps.

Therefore, Samsung Account provides you access to exclusive Samsung apps, such as SmartThings, Samsung Pay, and so on. It provides you backup, restores, & syncs your data among multiple devices, and many more. Also, Samsung online stores instruct you to sign in along with your Samsung account, and payments are easier via saving information.

However, due to the complex security functional to the usage of the Samsung account, the twice verification is applied and it might need to send the verification/authentication code on a registered phone number.

Change Phone Number:


Step 1. Open Samsung mobile, go to the ‘Settings’ section, and then the ‘Samsung Account & backup’ section, and then choose your ‘Samsung Account’ option.

Step 2. Next, you will be able to view your existing profile, then choose the ‘Password and Security section, and then you will be able to change your phone number.

Step 3. Now, choose the option ‘Two-step verification’ and then quickly enter your existing password in order to verify that it’s you.

Step 4. Then select the ‘Text messages’ option, for immediate adding your new phone number.

Step 5. After that choose the ‘Add’ option to add your new number. Then hit on the ‘three dots’ option which helps to erase your old phone number.

Step 6. Then you will need to choose & delete the phone number.

Now you are done.

In this way, you can very easily change your phone numbers within a few minutes through simple steps.

Alternatively, you can also add on/change/enter certain information in your Samsung account profile, like your name, billing address, and much other information.